Bernard Kwame Tomo

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Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK



Primary Homeroom Teacher


Bernard Kwame Tomo来自加纳。201512月份他获得科学学士学位顺利从罗伯特戈登大学毕业。他有4年教授英语的经验。他有传授知识给学生的热情。他相信每位学生都是有天赋的,老师的职责就是发现这些天赋并且让学生发挥这些天赋。他也有能力这么做。

Bernard Kwame Tomo from Ghana, he graduated from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK in December 2015 with a Master of Science degree, although I finished my undergraduate degree in Ghana. He have over four years of teaching experience which I have always taught English language. He is passionate about teaching and enjoy imparting knowledge unto others. He believes that student is gifted and it is entirely up to the teacher to bring out these gifts of every student and He finds joy in being able to do so.